Women Empowerment

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

We at Antyodaya Foundation believe that the strongest tool for the development of the society is the empowerment of women. She carries the power to run the whole nation without any support but her real strength is yet to be recognized by the society. Without a shadow of the doubt, the rural and remote areas are still deprived of the fact that women education and professional growth are highly important for the welfare of the society. They carry a wrong notion that the females in the family are meant for household chores only. Our team has picked up this irrational thinking of the people in rural and remote locations and transformed it into the mission of women empowerment. Let’s discourse about some of our related drives and campaigns:

Drive for basic education of women

We reach out to people with complete logic and future consequences about educating women. A well-qualified and intellectual female could be able to understand various aspects of a successful society right from the family planning and financial expenses to the child nutrition and health care needs.

Campaigns to encourage professional growth of women

Our volunteers carry the complete data and analysis of various regions where the women are working in different professional fields and are doing wonders there. We quote various inspirational examples of the empowered women in our campaigns to instill a sense of female professional growth in them.

Awareness programmes about women safety

With our high-grade awareness programmes, we make people realize to raise their voice against women insecurity instances like sexual assault, violence, life-threatening crimes, harassment etc. Quoting the fact that women safety is the duty of every individual, we include various role plays in our campaigns to make the audience visualize the harsh reality of the society.

Few Insights