About Us

The great leaders of our Indian history had publicly put their strong beliefs about the social upliftment and never failed to bring a new spark in the society. Following their footsteps, Antyodaya Foundation has also taken an initiative in 2012 to influence a revolutionary change in our society and that can only happen when we start from the weakest section of society. Inspired by the principles of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay ji, we always endeavor to follow his footprints for serving the nation.

Why do we exist?

We have chosen the word “Antyodaya” which signifies the development of all but the beginning should be from the weakest section of the society. We have absorbed the extract of this wider term and started a mission to raise the spirits of those people.

How do we serve the mankind?

Some of the examples of our drive and enthusiasm are mentioned below:

Even though our country has enforced so many laws for uplifting the weaker section of the society, the people are still unaware about the Government policies and plan of actions. We put our best foot forward to spread knowledge in the society about such schemes and policies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make each and every individual to think about the deprived people living in our society and express their sympathy and empathy towards them. The prime objective of “Antyodaya Foundation” is to set the perfect examples of humanity.